We have all types of barista courses held at our cosy little space at Stirling Road. With a positive learning attitude and lots of practice, you could be a coffee expert. For course details, simply click on any of the links below. Payment can be made either by cheque or cash on the day.


Elementary knowledge of coffee

Module 1.1 Coffee Basics, 3 hours, $90.00
Our Coffee Basics course covers all the basics of coffee making from theory to basic brewing skills.

– We will cover the fundamentals of creating the right amount of dosage, the importance of distributing and tamping, as well as the technique for extraction.

– The objective of this course is to introduce the elements of espresso as well as coffee brewing equipment so that you not only will leave with a finer appreciation of the espresso that you drink, but you will also learn the basics of extracting the full flavour profile out of every cup.

Minimum pax: 3
Maximum pax: 6

Module 1.2 Milk Texturing and Drinks Preparation, 3 hours, $90.00
Ever wondered how coffee art is done? The first step in creating coffee art is to get the perfect texture of milk. Ideally, your milk should be silky-textured and have a glossy finish.

– This course will introduce the skills in milk texturing for latte art and also teach you how to prepare various espresso based beverages such as a cappucino and macchiato.

– By the end of this course, participants should achieve proper milk frothing techniques and be able to prepare various espresso based beverages.

Minimum pax: 2
Maximum pax: 2

Advance Espresso Brewing

Module 2.1 Advance Espresso Brewing, 3 hours, $150.00
If you are looking to bring your espresso brewing skills to the next level, this course is for you. Espresso is the heart and core of coffee, and this course will dive deep into the science and technique to explain how and why espresso is so important.

– With lots of practice time, you will learn how to craft the perfect dosage as well as improve your distribution and tamping technique in order to achieve a perfect extraction.

– At the same time, it is also an opportunity for you to fine tune your palate.

– The objective of this course is to educate on the importance of espresso and how to brew the ultimate espresso, thus teaching you the next step in extracting the best flavour out of your coffee beans.

Minimum pax: 2
Maximum pax: 4

Module 2.2 Technical Coffee Appreciation, 2 hours, $80.00
You have probably read flavour profiles of coffee beans and seen descriptions such as “chocolate”, “caramel” and “floral”. But can you actually identify these hints of nodes in your coffee?

– This course is designed to aid you in having a more in-depth understanding of coffee tasting, which in turn, will help you acquire critical tasting skills by sharpening your palates. If you are an avid coffee drinker – this course is for you!

Minimum pax: 4
Maximum pax: 15

Module 2.3 Coffee Calibration (Practice session), $60.00
This course focuses on letting you practice how to make adjustments to your coffee equipments in order to pull out the perfect espresso shot. Sometimes, the espresso shot is either flowing out at a high speed or sometimes it’s slowly dripping out. The flowing speed of espresso affects the overall taste. We will teach you how to calibrate your grinder machines and will provide ample time for you to practice.

Latte Art Courses

Module 3.1 Technical Skills for Latte Art, 2-3hours, $150.00
Now that you know how to pull the perfect espresso shot, how do you make it look good? Milk texture and pouring are critical in creating latte art.

– In 2 – 3 hours, our professional trainer will guide you through the steps in creating basic latte art.

– This course will also refresh your memory of the milk chemistry behind producing great coffee art. Of course, you are not expected to leave with a perfect swan on your latte, but you will have the skills and knowledge to take away and practice.

Minimum pax: 1
Maximum pax: 3

Module 3.2 Latte Art Training, $60.00
This course is designed for those who are already confident with their technique in steaming milk and are interested in further improving their skills. During this training, your focus is on free pouring latte art and our aim is to provide you with the space to practice. Practice makes perfect!

Minimum pax: 2
Maximum pax: 2

To make a booking, please fill out this form or if you have any questions, send an email to bettercoffee@tionghoesc.com.